About me


I rediscovered photography nearly 20 years after originally forgetting about it after school. Truth be told back in my teens I was more interested in the camera (an Olympus OM10 with 50mm lens, standard educational camera) than the pictures. I doubt any of my original photos have survived and that's almost certainly a good thing, although I will never forget the smell of developing chemicals in the darkroom. After many years of ignoring photography the birth of my son promoted me to buy a 'proper' camera and after spending a couple of years taking terrible photos of anything and everything I realised I wasn't being fulfilled so decided to specialise in one thing which I really enjoyed - landscapes. Now apart from the occasional wedding or event that's pretty much all I do - get outdoors and see what's there, try to come back with something.

I take photographs for myself - to capture a location at a moment in time and keep it forever. If others like my pictures that's great too. But the best thing I have found about photography is it changes the way you look at the world. You begin to be able to discern minute differences in colours. You become obsessed with the weather, clouds, the sky. You are always mentally alert to changes in the quality of light. You see things other people don't see, and you go to places other people don't go, when they are asleep or tucked up in bed. That is the beauty of landscape photography.